How to Insert and Remove a Butt Plug

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Though many of the aspects of the process for inserting and removing a butt plug can be gleaned from our article that explains how a butt plug feels, it is important that we also offer a concise and detailed guide on this particular element of plug play. I also recommend taking a look at our butt plug guide if you haven't yet.

Starting Off

Once you have done some pre-stretching of your anus with your fingers and feel ready you can start to insert the plug. Make sure both your anus and the plug are well-lubricated and start to insert it slowly. Also make sure you are using the appropriate type of lubricant for your plug, depending on the type of material it is made of.

A Little While Later...

When the tip of the plug reaches the sphincter muscles, about 4 cm inside the rectum, push in slowly, while trying to consciously relax the muscles.

The sphincter usually clenches and releases without our conscious knowledge, and sometimes may refuse to cooperate even when we are focusing on making it do what we want. If this happens, it’s probably due to anxiety, but you should keep at it and relax.

Once your sphincter is relaxed, the tip of the plug will go through, but you still may experience difficulties with your sphincter clenching up on its own once the wider portion of the plug starts to pass through.

If this happens you should stop pushing and keep the plug in place until the sphincter relaxes, and then start pushing again. Do this as many times as it takes for the plug to go all the way in.

Removing the Plug

When you are ready to remove the plug, grab the stem of the plug and start pulling gently. The catch with pulling a plug out is that, as opposed to putting it in, you must pull out the widest part first.

This is a slow and delicate procedure. The problem is, by the time you want to pull it out, the sphincter will already have clenched around the narrow part right after the stem and will be reluctant to let go of it. It is vital that you do not try to simply yank it out with brute force.

Your hand and your sphincter must work in coordination in order to pull the plug out in the safest possible manner.

So when pulling the plug out, you should first try to push with your sphincter as if you were having a bowel movement, and pull the plug using the stem with your hand at the same time.

At first, it will seem as though nothing is moving, but if you keep gently pulling on the plug with your hand while pulling with your sphincter, soon enough it will start to slowly move out.

Nearly There

Once the widest part of the plug is out, the rest is pretty easy. That being said, you shouldn’t pull it out too fast, as (depending on the material, and how long you left it in for) the friction may cause some pain and a few tears in the walls of your rectum.

This guide also applies to tail butt plugs - as well as all other types of butt plugs

Once the plug is safely out, you are done (but don’t forget to clean your plug right after!).

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