How to Keep Your Douche Clean

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of anal douche usage. If you don’t properly cleanse your equipment between uses, then no amount of douching will get your rectum properly clean. Luckily though, it’s quite a simple process to keep everything nice and hygienic.

Cleaning your douche

The simplest way to clean your douching kit is use warm soapy water. After separating the nozzle and bulb, you can run the soapy water through the nozzle itself. The bulb can simply be filled and then drained a few times to clear any bacteria.

If you feel that a little deeper cleaning is in order, there are a few options. Once is to use a watered-down bleach solution, and leave everything soaking for at least an hour. Using bleach long term isn’t greatly recommended though, as it can break down the materials of the douche. A better option, if your douche can withstand the heat, is to simply submerge the entire kit into boiling water for a few minutes. The heat will destroy anything left on the surfaces after your session.

Drying your douche

Drying the parts of your anal douche is a part that is often overlooked by many people. Without proper drying, mould can build up inside the tube and bulb. Using a mouldy anal douche is a quick way to give yourself some nasty infections.

The easiest way to dry your douche is using paper towels. After cleaning you can pat everything down with your paper towels, inside and out, to absorb any leftover moisture. Once everything is dry, you should store it in a suitable plastic bag along with some additional paper towels. These extra towels will absorb any moisture that can build up between uses, which left unchecked would eventually lead to mould.

Clean the surrounding area

Whether you do your douching over the toilet or in the shower, you should give everything in the surrounding area a thorough clean too. This includes anything you’ve touched during the process. Bacteria from inside your rectum can move from your hands onto these surfaces, and then over time multiply and make its way back into other parts of your body. A quick spray and wipe with any good bathroom cleanser will be more than adequate to keep yourself nice and germ free.

When should you clean your douche

As with almost anything used anally, your douches should be cleaned after every single use. Even leaving it a few hours can give any bacteria picked up from your rectum time to multiply. Making time to do it as soon as you are done means that your risks of anything bad happening to your butt is minimised. It’s easy to do, and doesn’t take long, so you have no excuse not to keep your douching kit as clean as you keep your rectum!

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