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One of the most popular forms of petplay is Fox play. Not only does this allow a pet to be trained and looked after in a similar way to a dog or cat, but there’s also a wild side. Foxes generally aren’t domesticated, so fox players can enjoy another aspect of petplay, exploring the freedom and wildness that a fox will inherently have.

Traits of Fox Play

The main distinction that will be made early on in the fox play process is how domesticated the fox will be. Many foxes will require less attention from their owners than a puppy or kitten. Some will even be expected to remain wild.

Others though, enjoy the challenge of taming the fox. During the early stages of the process, the fox may bite, scratch, or rebel against their owner. As the process continues, the fox will become much like a kitten or puppy and be trained in the same way, albeit without the same level of neediness and dependence.

Fox Play Accessories

For more wild foxes, less accessories will be necessary or even desired. Sometimes a humbler may be used, or bondage of the arms and legs to make it necessary to remain on all fours. Masks, tail butt plugs, and bondage boots/gloves may also be a part of the roleplay, depending on how physical or spiritual the participants want the experience to be.

More domesticated foxes may have additional accessories to reflect their lifestyle. These can include bowls for drinking or eating, leads, beds and collars.

Fox Play Events

With all kinds of petplay, there are many events and gatherings that take place. Those who participate in fox play will often be welcome at pup or kitten events due to the foxes’ relations and similarities with these animals. It will usually be worth checking beforehand which animals are accepted at the events though.

One of the most interesting events foxes can participate in is the human fox hunt. This is exactly like a regular fox hunt, with humans, horses, dogs, and of course a fox. The goal is to “hunt” the fox. Cornering the fox will mean that the hunters have trapped it, ending the event.

If you are interested in roleplaying as a fox, one of these events might be a great place to start. Otherwise look for some advice online in forums or chatrooms. However you approach the subject though, there is a lot of fun to be had from fox play.

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