A Gaping Asshole: How and Why?

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You have probably watched anal gaping on porn sites and perhaps you're curious at the idea of getting yours stretched to its limits. For anal lovers, though, nothing looks more intimate and sensually satisfying than the sight of a gaping asshole. And yes, a huge anal toy can’t be left out when you desire a hole that's wide open.

What Exactly Is a Gape?

Gaping happens when the anal muscles relax, usually from anal sex, and open enough to allow you to see inside. It is achieved by extended anal play, when the sphincter is stretched and stays open after the penis or your anal toy is removed. Anal gapes can range in size from a cute little hole, to shockingly huge maws like you can see in porn. Gaping is simply another aspect of sex that some enjoy and others don’t.

Why Do People Gape?

Some who aren’t familiar with gaping will wonder why people choose, and even enjoy this sexual act. There's no single answer to this, and like most things in sex, it comes down to personal taste.

For some, the act of gaping is simply the furthest point they can possibly push an aspect of sex they enjoy. It lets them easily insert some of the biggest toys, or feel the highest possible level of stretching or fullness.

Others enjoy gaping as a kind of power play. For those with penises, it is obvious proof of their size and the effect they've had on the receiving partner. Engaging in a long period of anal sex and being able to see the result can be quite empowering. In a time when a lot of men have insecurities about the size of their penis, it can be quite refreshing to see exactly how much space in someone’s anus it takes up.

A final, but less common reason is simply to please another. It could be in a standard relationship where only one enjoys a stretched asshole. It can be used as a dynamic in BDSM relationships where the slave is ordered to submit. Receiving partners report enjoying the stretched out, totally relaxed feeling that gaping provides.

How to Gape?

Any session of anal sex where you want to gape should begin with an enema. As you insert objects deeper into your rectum, you want to ensure it’s as clean as a whistle. While you can never be completely sure you won’t encounter any poo, reducing the chances is a good call.

The next step is to relax and get super turned on. You can accomplish this any way you wish, and you might even want to have one or more orgasms along the way. Being relaxed loosens the tension of all the muscles in the area, making it much easier to achieve your goal.

When it comes to gaping, go crazy with lube. You’re going to engage in some quite extreme anal fun, and without a generous amount of lube, it's common to experience discomfort. When inserting a huge toy, too much lube is just enough. Keep a bottle or three within reach so you can reapply it as often as needed during your sesh.

With all the preparation done, it’s a simple matter of doing the deed. Start with smaller objects and gradually work your way to larger ones. Make circular motions and in-and-out movements with the penis or anal gaping toys to help open the sphincters. These motions trick the muscles into thinking the bowel is full, causing them to open up like a blossoming lotus.

Safety Considerations

For some, gazing at a gaping anus is a pleasure beyond measure. But should you worry if it’s your hole that is widely stretched?

Considered one of the most extreme forms of anal play, carelessly trying to gape may tear the lining of your rectum, which can lead to bleeding or infection. This happens when you move onto larger objects a little too quickly, or an object is thrust into your butt too roughly. Not only will it be too painful, but it may also damage your delicate anal lining. If anything like this happens, stop and rest until your anus recovers. Preparation is key, and it's important to work your way up to bigger sizes slowly. Anal, and thus gaping, should never hurt if done correctly.

Best Positions for Gaping

Work on finding the most comfortable position for this extreme anal stretching activity. By doing so, you’ll achieve the highest point of relaxation, which you badly need, to loosen up those tensed muscles. Here's a couple you can try and enjoy:

      • Leap Frog Position: Not only does this position give your partner full access to your a-hole, but it’s also easy and comfortable to do. Instead of positioning yourself like a dog on all fours, you keep your upper body as close to the bed and keep your bum as high as possible with your legs spread apart.

      • Laidback Position: If you prefer to watch your partner digging or drilling your bum, lie on your back. Bring your knees to your chest, then spread them as wide as possible. Don’t forget to place a pillow on your back to raise your pelvis. This leaves your bum exposed and ready to be feasted on. You can modify this by grabbing your ankles. 

Gaping may not be for the faint of heart, and exploring this exciting play can lead to a world of open pleasure. The opening doesn’t stay permanent because the sphincter muscles return to their normal state a few hours after.

A sexual adventure that will satisfy your deep, dark fantasies, it's worth trying with your partner. Discover how to train for anal gaping to prepare for this one-of-a-kind sexual experience.

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