Seven Animal Tails That Will Up Your Role-Playing Game

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If you’ve been to a site like Loveplugs more than once in your life, you’ve probably noticed the large amount of tail butt plugs that are available to purchase. At first you might dismiss them. They’re not for me. Over time though, curiosity starts to get the better of you, and you begin to wonder:

Maybe animal roleplay could be fun?

I wonder what wearing one of those will feel like?

My partner would love it if I had one of those!

Whatever the reason, diving head first into a whole new world of butt plugs can be daunting. There are so many different types of tail, and just as many types of roleplay to go along with them. Where do you start?

To help you along on this journey, we’re going to go over all of these types, and help you take your first steps into this exciting new world.

Feline Fantasies

To kick things off, we’re heading into the world of whiskers and yarn, with none other than our butt plug cat tail. These are, of course, designed to mimic the look of a cat’s tail!

The umbrella term for roleplay making use of these tails is normally kitten play. Participants tend to think of themselves as kittens rather than cats, as the younger versions of the animals tend to be more playful and fun loving.

Kitten play can be great fun for everyone involved. You get to explore the playful and fun-loving nature of these young animals, while your “owner” gets to try training and discipline elements of the relationship.

Cat tail butt plugs are some of the fluffiest and bushiest around, coming in a variety of colors to fit any situation where you need a furry butt plug. Realistic colors aren’t all that you can choose from though, and many cat tails come in pinks, purples or even greens! Treat your self with a pink butt plug tail!

In terms of length, you have a lot of options, but on average a cat tail will be around fourteen to eighteen inches long.

To take your kitten roleplay to the next level, you can bring in all kinds of accessories to make things more interesting. These can include collars, costumes, or for the really passionate, cat beds and food bowls.

If you want a cat tail butt plug, here are three of our favourites:

Canine Capers

Just like with real pets, on the opposite end of the spectrum is puppy play. If you’re more of a dog person, then this will probably be your preferred choice of animal. Of course, puppy play is naturally accompanied by our dog tail butt plugs!

Just as with kitten play, puppy play tend to focus on the younger versions of the animal. Older dogs are generally already trained, so there’s a lot more roleplay to be had with younger puppies.

As a puppy, you’ll get to see the world from a whole new perspective, and grow from a feisty, wild animal, to a calm and collected best friend for your “owner”. This training can make up a large part of the roleplay you do, but there will still be room to wag your tail and have a little fun!

Most dog tail butt plug are a lot less elaborate, as dogs have rather simple tails. The majority will be made of silicone, and be short and curved. The majority of dog tail butt plugs are around eight inches in length, but shorter and longer variants can be found.

To go along with your tail, there are plenty of accessories you can bring in to make your roleplay a bit more exciting. Of course, a collar will be an accessory of large importance, but many “owners” will add things such as bowls and dog beds, and if, you’re a bit more sexual with your roleplay, humblers and gags.

Here are some of our best dog tail butt plugs if this is the kind of roleplay for you:

Bedroom Bunnies

Perhaps the most prolific and recognised animal associated with sexual roleplay, the bunny can be a favourite in your bedroom too! Made famous by Playboy as early as the 1960s, Playboy bunnies have been a staple for men everywhere. The same sex appeal can be taken up to eleven with bunny tails for sex!

The appeal of roleplaying as a bunny can be a little different, as the sexual factor has already been made commonplace by society.

Rather than roleplaying the characteristics of a real rabbit, most people will attempt to copy the behaviour and sex appeal of a Playboy bunny. Of course, there are some shared characteristics, such as being a bit “bouncy”, gentle and soft.

A bunny butt plug looks exactly like you’ve come to expect, being shaped as a simple round pom-pom, a furry butt plug. These pom-poms are usually around three inches long, and can be found in almost any color you could imagine!

In terms of accessories, things tend to be much more sexual with bunny roleplay, and in this case the animal may even be the one in control of the roleplay. This means whips, bondage ties, gags, and of course the corset to complete the look.

If you want to emulate a classic, these bunny tail butt plugs could be perfect:

Voluptuous Vulpines

If domesticated animals aren’t your cup of tea, there are still plenty of roleplay options out there. The favourite for many is the fox. This animal is found all over the world and many people admire them, so you can emulate them using fox tail butt plugs.

Fox play is a bit of a different story to some of the more domestic animals. They are of course wild, but also cunning, stealthy, and solitary. It’s not all serious business though, as foxes can be extremely playful.

As with most animal roleplay, there is still room for some training and taming by your partner, but this often leads to a mutual relationship rather than an “owner” and “pet” dynamic.

Fox tails are usually very fluffy and long, with the average being around sixteen to eighteen inches long. While many will attempt to mimic natural foxes, featuring plenty of browns, blacks and whites, there are still fun options available if you like a bit more colour.

Due to the wild nature of a fox, there are less accessories involved in most relationships. Sometimes the fox player may become more domesticated, having a bed or food bowl, but most of the time the only additions will be made by the roleplayer themselves. These could be full fur suits, facemasks, or maybe just a bit of face paint.

To take a walk on the wild side, try one of our fox tail butt plugs:

Wandering Wolves

If foxes don’t tick all the right boxes for you, then roleplaying as a wolf might be just what you’re looking for. Of course, there are also wolf tail butt plugs available to help you with your roleplay.

Wolves are highly social creatures, so rather than adopting a “pet” and “owner” dynamic like many other types of petplay, you might find it more fun to both take on the role of the wolf together.

Wolves are highly inquisitive, love to explore, and above all else playful! They also have a highly developed social structure, which leaves plenty of time for deeper exploration of the relationship in your roleplay.

A wolf tail butt plug is usually very long, and extremely fluffy. Most models will imitate a real fox, with darker greys, browns and blacks. On average the tail will be around sixteen to eighteen inches.

As you’ll be playing much more of a wild animals, there usually aren’t many accessories involved in wolf play, although depending on the direction of your relationship the wolf may become more tame over time. When this happens, elements such as collars, leads, beds, and bowls could add to your roleplay.

Prancing Ponies

A completely different take on animal roleplay comes from those who enjoy taking the role of a horse or pony. Pony play is, of course, augmented by its own selection of pony tail butt plugs.

When exploring pony play, the roleplay tends to be much more rigid, and explores both the gentle nature of an equine animal, but also the training and obedience that goes into making these beautiful animals perform.

While it’s unrealistic to expect someone to live in a field, you might have regular sessions (perhaps outdoors) where your “master” teaches you the techniques and requirements of a performing horse.

There may also be more group elements involved in pony play, with various “owners” showing off their “pets” to each other.

Pony tail butt plugs are some of the longest out there, and just like these majestic animals the butt plugs feature long delicate strands making up a beautiful piece.

Pony tails are commonly either black or blonde, although colorful versions do exist if you want to go for more of a unicorn than a horse. Most will be around sixteen to twenty inches.

With horses being so drastically different to many of the other animals people roleplay as, there is a lot more scope for accessories. Alongside your tail, you may also want to invest in harnesses, bridles, or even whips.

To start exploring your own equestrian adventure, some of these pony tail butt plugs might help:

Racy Raccoons

While raccoons might not sound like the most fun animal to roleplay as, there’s a lot to love about these animals. Even though many people aren’t big fans, there are plenty of other who find the appeal in these cute little furballs. To help you look the part, we’ve got a great selection of raccoon tail butt plugs for you to try!

Raccoon roleplay can follow some of the more fun-loving and playful sides of their personalities. They are extremely friendly, and will play with any other animals. Raccoons are also natural foragers and incredibly quick with their claws, so things such as treasure hunts and teasing with toys can be a lot of fun.

Raccoon tail butt plugs are usually a shade of brown, although lighter and darker options are available. Each bears a striking set of dark brown or black stipes, just like the real thing.

You can find raccoon tail butt plugs in a variety of materials, such as glass, silicone, or stainless steel, and on average they are between ten and fourteen inches long.

If you’re looking for things to enhance your raccoon roleplay, you might have to think outside the box a little. This type of roleplay is a little less common than the others, so there aren’t good examples of what you might use. With a little imagination though, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with something!

To get into your own raccoon-y adventure, check out these tail butt plugs:

Take Your Costume to the Next Level!

You’ll have noticed throughout this article that we’ve tried to give you some ideas of what could go along with your tail butt plug in order to take your roleplay to the next level, but there’s one key accessory we’ve missed. Ears!

Just as you can find tails to match all your favourite animals, there are also sets of ears to match! These are equally as fluffy, and are mounted on an easy to wear headband, so you can combine them with literally any outfit. All the popular types of animal can be found, so there will definitely be a set to match your chosen tail.

Here are some great ears which can be combined with a tail butt plug:

While we’ve covered the majority of the common animals people enjoy roleplaying as, the sky is really the limit. If it’s an animal in the real world, or even a fictional world, chances are someone enjoys roleplaying as it.

Given the kinky nature of us all, there’s also an equal chance that someone has made some sexy accessories to make the roleplay that much more enjoyable! So what are you waiting for, get out there and experience the world through a whole new set of eyes, ears, and paws today!

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