Butt Plugs -

The Myths and Facts of Extended Plug Wear

Although butt plugs have quickly become one of the world's most popular and widespread (pun fully intended!) anal toys, newbies and enthusiasts alike still have plenty of questions.

One of the least well-documented topics when it comes to anal plugs is extended use.

How long can a butt plug be safely worn?

Can wearing a butt plug for a long time cause permanent damage?

Does it make you poop more?

Do you need to be constantly re-applying lube, or is one application enough?

If you or your partner are interested in wearing a butt plug for longer than an hour or so, odds are you've asked yourself at least one of these questions before.

Unfortunately, between porn, vehement anti-butt plug propaganda, and ill-informed answers on Quora or Yahoo Answers, a number of myths regarding extended butt plug use has been spread.

In today's Internet-dominated world, it can be hard to separate the myths from the facts - but, luckily, that's where this guide comes in!

It will serve as your definitive resource for clarifying what is true about long-term butt plug wear - and what's as "full of shit" as your ass might be after a full day spent all plugged up!

MYTH: It is not safe to wear a butt plug for longer than an hour or two.

This is probably the most frequently appearing myth regarding extended butt plug use. However, veteran kinksters around the world know that this is far from true.

While a beginner plug user may want to limit themselves to 2-3 hours at a time until their body becomes more accustomed to the sensation, once you've gotten in a bit of practice, the sky's the limit!

Here at Loveplugs, some of our staffers proudly report regularly keeping their plugs in for 12 to 24 hour stretches of time. One particularly adventurous staffer even enjoys keeping their plug in for an entire weekend!

FACT: You should gradually work up to all-day butt plug use at your own pace.

While wearing an anal plug all day is completely viable, doing so without prior practice is generally not advised. Similar to other kinky techniques, your body will need to adjust itself and build up gradual tolerance over a period of several days to several weeks.

Start by keeping your butt plug in for an hour or so, then two, then three, gradually increasing until a full 12 or 24 hours feels like nothing at all.

Don't despair if it takes you a little bit longer to reach your desired goal than your kink buddies or partners. Remember, every single person's body is different!

Be gentle and forgiving with your body and give yourself plenty of breaks.

MYTH: Wearing a butt plug for too long can be fatal.

Unfortunately, anti-kink propaganda is filled to the brim with this sort of rhetoric. Accusatory websites and pamphlets declare in enormous letters that anal plug use "definitely" causes everything from torn intestines to perforated bowls to, of course, death.

Phrases which you might see employed by these plug-haters might include gory imagery such as "blood leaking from your anus" or "drowning in your own shit".

However, there is NO conclusive evidence whatsoever that extended butt plug use is any more dangerous than any other type of kink. Which is to say, of course, that it is completely safe as long as you are careful, cautious, and observe proper safety practices.

You will not cause any permanent damage to your body by wearing a butt lug for several hours or even a full weekend.

When it comes to choosing a butt plug to stick up there all day, we recommend selecting a toy on the smaller (meaning both shorter and narrower) size. This will cause your muscles the least amount of stress and allow you to remain comfortable.

Additionally, never choose an anal plug which does not feature a wide, flared base, as this is an important safety feature which allows for quick, easy removal whenever needed.

FACT: Extended butt plug use can occasionally cause pain, discomfort or muscle soreness.

You won't permanently damage your bowels or intestines, but you might find yourself getting a little sore - especially early on in the process. After all, the muscles of your anal sphincter are not accustomed to remaining in a stretched position for so long.

Unfortunately, mild pain, cramping and tension have been reported as possible side effects associated with extended anal plug wear.

If you begin feeling any sort of pain - whether soreness, stinging, burning or even tingling - we recommend removing the plug and giving your asshole a break for at least an hour before re-insertion.

Remember, pain is your body's way of letting you know that something isn't quite right. It's something which should be observed and heeded, not stoically "powered through" without making any adjustments.

The interior of the anus (starting approximately 2-3 inches past the rim of the asshole) does not have any pain receptors.

Because of this, it is possible that you may not feel muscle soreness until after the plug has been removed.

Luckily, this soreness can be easily alleviated with a hot bath or shower, stretches, and perhaps some light yoga. Make sure not to put the plug back in until you've given your body plenty of time to relax!

MYTH: All-day butt plug use will leave you with a gaping asshole.

Anal gaping is a popular technique, frequently seen in porn, in which the asshole is stretched so intensely that the sphincter is unable to "clench" back down after penetration has finished. This gives the dominant partner a rare, highly erotic glimpse deep into the mysterious land of their submissive's rectum.

Many couples enjoy gaping and consciously make it an active part of their anal play experiences.

However, if gaping isn't your thing, there's no need to worry - it is very difficult to accidentally gape your asshole, and it will NOT happen as a result of extended butt plug use.

Whether or not an anus is able to successfully gape depends on the size and the motion of the toy used, NOT how long you wear it for.

Typically, gaping requires actively moving a large, thick toy in a circular motion in order for the sphincter muscles to sufficiently relax. Simply walking around all day with a plug stuffed deep in your ass will not result in even a slight gape!

FACT: Wearing a butt plug for a few hours can help prepare you for anal sex.

While it won't leave you with a wide, yawning cavern of an asshole, what extended butt plug wear CAN do is relax your muscles enough to make future penetration both easier and more pleasant.

If you wish to be penetrated by your partner after having worn your plug out and about on your daily errands, you might find that you need a little less foreplay than usual before your hole is stretched and ready for a nice thick cock, dildo, or strap-on.

Many couples who enjoy dominant and submissive relationship dynamics employ a tactic in which the submissive is forced to keep a plug in all day before a planned session of penetrative intercourse.

This will not only stretch out the sub's muscles, but it will keep thoughts of sex at the forefront of their brain as they go about their work.

For an extra-sexy twist, you can also have the sub wear a nice thong or pair of lacy panties to help keep that plug nestled nice and snug inside them!

MYTH: You only need to apply lubricant at the beginning of your extended use session.

Lubricant is a pretty amazing substance, but, unfortunately, it can't do everything.

One of lube's very few shortcomings is that it doesn't last forever. No matter how thick, slick, or high-quality the lube you choose is, it's not going to be able to stand up to 12+ hours of constant plug wear without drying out.

And, once your lube has dried, that plug inside you can get pretty uncomfortable - it can chafe against the sensitive walls of your anus, and even result in the development of rashes or ulcers in that area.

For best and safest results, you should re-apply your lubricant every few hours - or, better yet, whenever things start feeling a bit drier down there.

Carry a small bottle of lube with you and quietly excuse yourself to the bathroom when you think it's a good time.

Depending on the thickness of your lube and the size of your plug, you may or may not be able to apply the lube without fully removing the toy from your asshole.

However, regardless of which method you use, don't forget to thoroughly wash your hands after each re-lubing session!

FACT: Certain types of lubricant are better for all-day wear than others.

This one's completely true! In general, thicker, silicone-based lubricants are recommended for extended butt plug wear, because they will last longer than their thinner water- or oil-based counterparts.

Plus, the slick texture will keep that plug nestled comfortably inside of you all day - or even all weekend!

However, some materials - most notably silicone itself - are not compatible with silicone-based lubricants.

Silicone reacts poorly with itself, which can cause the material of the plug to degrade and result in a significantly decreased lifespan.

If you will be using a silicone plug for your extended wear experience, a water-based lube is recommended. It will require more frequent re-application, but it will still keep your anal area plenty comfortable throughout the day.

MYTH: You cannot wear a butt plug in public, because it won't stay in or will be too easy to detect.

This is one of our least favorite myths, as it as prevented so many submissives and exhibitionists kinksters from getting their jollies.

Nasty rumors - once again, probably the work of anti-kink propaganda spreaders - falsely claim that butt plugs will fall out if you wear them to work, or are obviously noticeable by everyone you encounter, or will set off metal detectors and similar security measures.

As long as you prepare properly - wear comfortable, not too tight clothing, and carry a bottle of lube with you - you should have no problem wearing your plug to work, or while out shopping, or even just while hanging out with friends.

We do recommend wearing a pair of tight underwear, such as panties, briefs or a thong, as this will help the plug stay comfortable and keep movement to a minimum.

Continue following all the suggestions listed earlier in this guide: work up to full days, and take breaks if you find your asshole needing it.

As for airport security and similar metal-detecting devices - well, unfortunately, it turns out that there is a TINY crumb of truth in this myth.

Metal sex toys such as chastity belts, cock cages, and, yes, even stainless still butt plugs, ARE sometimes capable of triggering security alarms.

If you will be flying with your plug in or work in an environment which utilizes metal detectors, such as a museum or historical building, we recommend selecting a glass or silicone butt plug rather than one made from stainless steel.

FACT: Extended butt plug wear may cause you to defecate more frequently, so you should prepare accordingly.

The slight but constant stretching of muscles caused by a butt plug has been known to induce more frequent peristalsis - the clenching movements which move fecal matter through your intestines and out your anal sphincter.

Because of this, it is possible that you may find yourself needing to visit the restroom more frequently when experimenting with all-day butt plug play.

Luckily, this is a minor inconvenience which can be quite easily dealt with.

Visit the bathroom whenever you feel the need, as denying your body's urges too long can result in constipation. Remove the butt plug to do your business.

If you're wearing the plug somewhere outside of your home, such as an office or shopping mall, we recommend carrying a small plastic bag to store the butt plug while you are pooping.

This will keep it clean and prevent the accumulation of germs from the surrounding area.

Of course, you should always give your butt plug a thorough and careful scrubbing between each extended use session.

Even if the material appears completely clean, it may have picked up microscopic bits of fecal matter on its surface throughout the day.

Now that you know the truth - and the lies - about extended butt plug use, we encourage you to give it a try!

Follow the tips in this guide, avoid the widespread false information you might see elsewhere on the Internet, and pretty soon you'll be carrying that plug inside you for days at a time with no difficulty at all.

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  • lab007

    I am wearing now a large steel tunnel plug now for almost 20 years 24/7 now. I have a custommade stainless steel tunnel plug with an outer diameter of 5 inches now.Once inserted which is very hard to do it will not go out easily since its surface is riffled.At this tunnel plug i can connect 2 water hoses to keep me clean one for water in the other for water out. I do this every morning and evening so i only have to remove the plug completely once a week for intense cleaning. A leather anal harness keeps my plug in place at all times.
    Living without this plug is impossible for me since my hole will stay open constantly when removing the plug.Also farting is a problem when my stomache gives me problems.In this case i connect one rubber hose to my plug and a plastic bag this will keep my farts unter my pair of trousers in this plastic bag.
    Istarted all this with a diamer of 1 inches- now after 20 years i am at 5 inches in diameter.In a few years i will be at probably 6 and later at 7 inches. This will require an oval plug because of my bones in the rectume.I have to get my asshole bigger and bigger every year to keep it closed.Now you will of courset see the plug a bit through the Jeans i am wearing-especially after sitting you will see the contoures of the plug on my trousers since its diameter is already very large.
    Toiltes as i said is very easy with the rubber tubes connected onto it.If the tubes are for some reasons blocked internally the i have to visit a restroom where i have to remove the plug completely and a huge 5 inch wide and minimum 5 inch long sausage will come out of the hollow plug-and thats it.Cleaning and lubricating the plug and inserting it back in.
    At the airplanes i habe to revove the steel plug it and use rubber plugs and a diaper to keep me dry.

  • Very Lonely

    Very through and informative article, I am mesmerized, hardly waiting for my plug to arrive.

  • Reynolds Donaghue

    I’m going to recommend this article on my blog: www.livingplugged.blogspot.com. It is a non-monetized site, and so I am not trying to sell anything, other than the glorious idea (which I have practiced now for six years) that it is possible to “live plugged,” by which I mean wearing a butt plug in the rectum damned close to 24/7/365. I have to say I’ve achieved this for at least 90 percent of the time over that period, factoring in a several-month-long hiatus from the plug when I moved to the deep south and had to acclimate my digestive system to southern food. In fact, I finally had to overlay that kind of diet with one that I created myself to slow down digestion to create clean stools and predictable regularity. I found everything you said in this article to be very accurate, both in the myth busting and the facts given. But I do want to say that there are some of us out here (both men and women), gay and straight, who are “living plugged,” and it is not just a weekend kind of thing. It’s total and utter commitment for the love of wearing butt plugs.

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