Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"
Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"

Cheeky Raccoon Plug, 14"

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Color Pink
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Are you ready to embark on a sexual adventure? Do you have that fantasy where you get to play as a random animal while your partner is the human? If this is one of your wildest dreams, then getting this tail plug should make it a reality instead of just remaining a mere fantasy.

The plug's silicone material ensures comfort even if you wear our tail plug for hours. You can strut around and wear this toy as you try to get into a raccoon character. The realistic tail, meanwhile, completes your transformation so you can easily seduce your partner even with just a single glance.

Summon the charm of a playful raccoon and be the bandit that bewilders any human you've come across with. Charm and tease them sensually with your wit and resourcefulness. Use your hands the way raccoons do to please your partner while the two of you work your way to heat things up. You know that the more sexually aroused both of you become, the more you get to satisfy your sexual appetite by having another explosive and mind-blowing orgasm.

Add more fuel to the fire and try all sexual positions you can think of to release all of the pent-up sexual energy stored in your bodies. Doing this keeps you in the right state of mind, and do all things correctly as you go on pleasing each other.

Since you and your partner can quickly recover from an exhausting activity realizing each of your sexual fantasies, you can do this sort of kinkiness day after day or night after night.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and turn your "ordinary" playtime into a mind-boggling sexual adventure!


Handle - Light brown with dark brown lines

Plug - Black, Pink, Purple, Red

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux Fur

Plug: Silicone


handle: About 35cm (13.78 in.)

plug:7.2cm (2.84 in.)



plug:2.8cm (1.10 in.)

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