18" Dark Grey Cat Tail With Princess-Type Plug
18" Dark Grey Cat Tail With Princess-Type Plug
18" Dark Grey Cat Tail With Princess-Type Plug
18" Dark Grey Cat Tail With Princess-Type Plug

18" Dark Grey Cat Tail With Princess-Type Plug

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Put on your softest, fluffiest bathrobe and make sure you've got nothing on you underneath it, except for one sexy piece. In front of your partner, slowly take off the only garment you have to show off what's hidden underneath dramatically. Like a vixen full of grace and seduction, strut around, showing off your furry tail flowing from your butt.

Make your fantasy come to life with our 18" Dark Grey Cat Tail with Princess-Type Butt Plug. Luxe, soft, and fluffy, the tail will make you look enchanting and irresistible. It's made of quality faux fur, so expect that it will give you many wonderful experiences in the bedroom. With a length of 18 inches, it will magically sway and bounce as you twerk and shake your booty. This tail is attached to a princess-type butt plug made of stainless steel. This steel ensures that the tail won't come off even when it's tugged during your kinky, wild play.

The butt plug has a pointy yet smooth tip for ease of insertion. And because it's made of metal, it's going to have weight, which delivers a fuller feeling. It features a slender neck where your sphincter would rest on for maximum comfort during extended wear. There's no need to worry if your concern is that your rectum would swallow it. This is far from happening as it has a flared base that will keep the butt plug from accidentally slipping inside.

Have a fun and thrilling pet play with your honey and pretend to be a vicious, wild cat that needs taming. When the taming is done, it's time for your master to claim his prize, so serve him pleasure at its finest. Whether you're a man or a woman, as long as you have a butt where this can be plugged, you can have this realistic tail! Buy now!


Color Handle: Dark Grey
Plug: Silver
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
Handle (tail): 13.78-17.71 in (35-45 cm)
Plug: NA
Handle: NA
Plug: NA

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