Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo
Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo

Blue Large Glass Plug Dildo

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Ever dared to do something adventurous with your sexual life? If regular, casual sex has become dull and boring, spice things up when you decide to try anal sex for the first time.

Crazy as it may sound, it may just be the thing that can turn your whole world upside down. Your anus contains a lot of nerve endings that, when stimulated, give off a plethora of beautiful sensations, and you'll ask yourself why you haven't tried this for the longest time. To help you get ready before the big game, get a toy that simulates the actual act of getting penetrated in the ass.

With this large glass plug, anal play stimulation is now possible. Of course, you must not forget to lubricate, or else you'll only hurt yourself. Remember that your anus cannot lubricate itself no matter how long you play with it. It needs help from an artificial source that's why you need to apply a generous amount to the toy before insertion. Coating your toy with some lube will help minimize discomfort as your anal sphincters are not in danger of being torn as the toy will smoothly glide until it successfully enters your anus for the first time.

Insert the toy a little bit more so that it reaches the rectum and that all the nerve endings are stimulated to overwhelm your senses. It will literally be a hair-raising experience.

It's something that will take your breath away as you try to take in and remember everything that has just happened. Try moving the toy in a thrusting motion to simulate the actual thing.

Knowing that this is just play and practice, you can certainly look forward to the time when you have an actual cock infiltrating your anus.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and declare yourself ready for some anal adventure!

  • Material: Glass

  • Color: Blue

  • Length: 4.92

  • Width:

    • i: 0.74"

    • ii: 1.25"

    • Base: 1.37"

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