Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)
Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)

Princess's Black Heart Set (3 Piece)

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Are you looking for something naughty and chic to give your rocker chick? Go for something that screams for the A-thing! It will surely transform your vanilla sex to the extreme.

Intensify your game with this steel plug with a black jewel!

It looks posh with its black heart-shaped jewelry embedded on the stopper. A product made of high-standard stainless steel, it promises an excellent anal experience not only for the masters and fanatics of backside penetration but also for the novices. The various sizes of this set will help your partner start slow and small until she finds herself accommodating more.

The product also boasts a well-polished surface. Your lover can leave those daunting thoughts of getting his or her sphincter scratched by the rough and sharp edges of this device behind. We swear your partner will only experience the optimum pleasure of anal orgasm.

For best insertion practices, use a silicone-based lube that promises long-lasting effects. Be generous on putting a substantial amount of it on the device and more so on the bum hole. Advise your lover to relax and take it easy. Remember that we are in no race when it comes to backside exploration. Get her in the dog-style position as you insert the plug to give it a better entrance. Little by little, put it inside until you both can only see the stopper.

Practice doing this with the other sizes, especially the bigger ones, as it will prepare your partner for your cock's grand entrance. Well, of course, that’s only going to happen when she’s ready.

Once done using the plug, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. You may opt to soak it in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes for sterilization. Dry it with a clean cloth and store it properly at room temperature to maintain its best quality.

Pimp her backside with this toy, and let her explore the magical feeling of anal stimulation. Grab this set now!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Jewel Color: Black
  • Plug Dimensions:
    • Small: Length: 2.50" - Width: 1.1"
    • Medium: Length: 3.35" - Width: 1.30"
    • Large: Length: 3.74" - Width: 1.57"

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