4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone
4" Black Inflatable Silicone

4" Black Inflatable Silicone

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Take your anal sex play to a whole new level with this 4" Black Inflatable Silicone Butt Plug! This is the only thing you need to take your anal stimulation to the extreme. This anal toy is not an ordinary butt plug as its size can be expanded up to six centimeters! Thus, it can give you a full feeling and an incredible stretch as you put it in your butt.

A Butt Plug Made of High-Quality Silicone Materials

Most anal toys — particularly butt plugs — are made of stainless steel, but this one is made of top-quality silicone. This material is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and can be worn for hours! Hence, it is safe to use.

Easy to Clean

Since the plug is made of silicone, it takes no time to clean this toy. You just need to wash it with antibacterial cleaner and water, and the toy is ready to use again.

A Butt Plug That Comes with a Tapered End

This toy features a narrow tip for easy insertion as you thrust the plug into the user's butt. With the tapered end, the only thing you will feel is an incessant orgasm!

A Butt Plug That Can Be Inflated

Aside from that, it also has a medical-style pump ball that is connected to the anal plug. This bulb allows you to increase or decrease the size according to your or your partner's preference. Just hold the pump ball until you reach the desired length, then release it with a valve.

Once you are done with it, you can deflate the toy by releasing the air out of the plug.

With these features, you will definitely cum harder than before! So hit that "Add to Cart" button and have the most extreme anal sex experience of your life!


Color Black
Type Inflatable Butt Plug
Material Handle: Silicone
Plug: Silicone


Tube: 33 cm. (12.99 in.)
Plug: 10 cm. (3.94 in.)


handle: N/A
plug: 4-6 cm. (1.57-2.36)

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