Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"
Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"
Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"
Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"
Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"
Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"

Pink Cat Tail Plug 16"

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Are you looking for a way to showcase your playful side during sex? Have everything your way with this cat tail plug!

What more can you ask for when this product already has realistic fur made of synthetic material and metal plugs available in different sizes? It's crafted to adorn your tushie comfortably, so you never have to worry!

Kitty play with this plug, and get ready for the purr-fect pet experience!


  • Color: White With Pink End (TAIL); Silver (PLUG)
  • Material: Fabulous Synthetic Fur (TAIL); Metal (PLUG)
  • Length (inches): Tail – 16 inches; Plug – 2.95 inches (SMALL); 3.35 inches (MEDIUM); 3.74 inches (LARGE)
  • Width: Plug – 1.10 inches (SMALL); 1.38 inches (MEDIUM); 1.61 inches (LARGE)
  • Weight: 0.19 lbs.
  • Great For: Anal and Cat Play Enthusiasts

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