Magnetic Faux Fur Fox Tail With Plug

Magnetic Faux Fur Fox Tail With Plug

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There's nothing quite like a high-quality faux fur will make you feel like a real fox. This plug-tipped magnetic tail accessory will not only transform you physically, it will also turn you into the main attraction you've always dreamed of.

With its fluffy and elegant structure, it sways about with every movement that you make. It has an approximate length of 13.78 to 17.71 inches that will hang nicely between the bums, dancing in the air, and locking everyone's eyes on you.


Colors Handle/Tail: Brown, White, Red, Pink
Plug Tip: Silver
Type Tail Accessory
Materials Handle: Faux Fur
Plug Tip: Stainless Steel
Handle: 13.78-17.71 in (35-45 cm)
Plug: N/A
Handle: N/A
Plug: N/A

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