Bring the Thunder With Anal Beads

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Anal beads occupy an interesting space in the sex toy world. Not quite butt plugs, but not quite dildos, these collections of small balls can often be overlooked in favor of other, more popular toys.

However beads have a lot to offer anyone who enjoys anal stimulation, so let's demystify these unique toys…

Anal Beads, Thunder Beads, Anal Balls, Pleasure Beads – What’s The Difference?

You might find a lot of similar products with different names when you’re searching for your ideal set of anal beads. Ultimately, these are all different names for the same product though, so it doesn’t really matter which you choose.

Anything that has a collection of balls or beads, on some kind of string, rod or stick counts as a set of anal beads, and they all offer the same basic kind of stimulation as each other. So when you’re trying to find your ideal set, don’t focus so much on the names and think more about the kind of beads you’d like to try.

Choosing the Best Sexual Anal Beads For You

Much like other anal toys, one of the biggest choices you face when finding your perfect beads is which material to choose. There are three main ones: silicone, glass and metal.


These are made with body safe silicone, a non-porous material which is easy to sterilize between uses. Silicone is soft, smooth and slightly flexible, so generally these will be the easiest kind to insert. They also have the greatest variety, coming in a huge range of colors and styles.

Silicone anal beads


Metal anal beads are made from stainless steel, and are much firmer and heavier. When you have them inside your body, you’ll be able to feel the extra weight. This can be tiring for a beginner, but a big selling point for more advanced users. Stainless steel plugs offer the least choice, with most being round silver balls, although you may find some variety if you look at enough sets.


Often seen as a more luxurious choice, glass beads are made with pyrex, which makes them strong and shatter resistant (but you still shouldn’t go throwing them around). Glass toys can come in a variety of shapes and can be colored, although most will be plain and transparent.

String Anal Beads or Anal Bead Wand?

One of the biggest distinctions between different sets of beads are whether they are a solid piece (sometimes called an anal bead wand or anal bead dildo), or separate balls joined together by string.

Your choice here won’t have a huge impact on your experience, but there are a few small differences. Some wands are firmer and bend a lot less, so they are much easier to push in and pull out. Stringed beads are more flexible, letting you easily insert one ball at a time. Whichever kind you choose, make sure there’s some kind of pull ring at the end to stop them being fully sucked in and to make them easier to take out.

Black anal beads


Another important choice is whether or not your set of beads will vibrate. This is almost entirely down to personal preference.

Some people find the vibrations to be too much or too distracting, which makes it difficult to focus on the pleasure the beads are providing. Others (particularly beginners) find the distraction a benefit, as it gives them some thing else to focus on during the insertion process. Then there is, of course, a large group of people who simply love the feel of vibration during sex.

Think about the other toys you own and your own preferences. Also consider whether you need a separate remote, or if you’re happy to reach down and press buttons to adjust the vibrations.

Huge Or Beginner Sizes

Size really does matter with anal beads. Unlike a butt plug, where the insertion process is over and done with once the plug is inside, using anal beads involves your sphincters opening and closing a lot. While you might be able to push yourself to take a particularly large plug (and push through the pain), doing the same with beads might prove to be a bit too much. If you’re into stretching though, some huge beads could give you exactly the experience you’ve been looking for!

In a similar way, going too small can also be detrimental. A large part of the stimulation you experience while using beads comes from the opening and closing of the sphincter, so if your set glides in with no resistance then you’re missing out on lots of the pleasure.

Making the Most of Butt Beads

Using anal beads is very simple, but there’s some simple steps you can take to get the most out of your new toys.

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The simplest thing you can do to improve the experience is use lubrication. This makes it easier to insert and remove the beads, and should be applied generously to both the toy and your anus. If you’re using a silicone toy, then you should avoid silicone based lubricant.

Unlike butt plugs, anal beads offer a lot more pleasure when you do more than just wear them. The opening and closing of your sphincters around the balls can be very pleasurable, so pushing the beads in and pulling them out at different speeds can provide plenty of stimulation. While you do this, don’t be afraid to apply more lube to keep things moving slowly.

Many sets of beads are also very easy to insert and remove, so they’re the ideal toy to combine with other sexual play. Masturbating while the beads stimulate your butt can provide some of the most intense sensations you’ve experienced!

Perhaps the most important tip we can give though is to take your time! Sexual exploration should be a journey that you enjoy, not something you rush to the end of. Spending the time to truly feel the different sensations and figure out what you enjoy about them is the best way to get the most out of your set of beads.

Find Your Next Beads Now

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