It’s All About the Butt: Loveplugs’ Introduction to Anal Toys

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Butt and butt plugs

Sex toys have become more common in everyone’s lives over the last few decades, with more and more people picking up toys to enhance their sex lives. It’s more acceptable than ever to discuss these toys, and easier than ever to buy them.

Despite all our progress though, anal play is still viewed as a somewhat taboo topic. Many people go their entire lives without even trying the simplest forms of anal stimulation, and they’re missing out!

There’s tons of fun and exciting anal toys you can explore no matter how experienced you are, so let’s go over them all and help you figure out exactly what you want to put in your butt.

Loveplugs Top Anal Toys: The Butt Plug

The quintessential anal toy, butt plugs are the starting point for many people interested in anal play. They are very simple, with a bulb or teardrop shaped body that you insert, a small stem, and a flared base to stop it getting sucked inside. Just because they’re simple, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options.

Small and Beginner / Large and Huge

Two opposite ends of the spectrum. Small beginner plugs are unsurprisingly for beginners, while large and huge plugs are more suitable for experienced users looking for more intense stimulation.


Just like a regular butt plug but with built in vibration functions. These usually have different speeds, intensities and patterns, providing a whole range of stimulation from one toy. Can be remote controlled or have buttons on the toy, rechargeable or battery powered.

Hollow Tunnel

Usually similar to the standard plug, but with a hollow center. This lets you combine them with other toys like vibrators and dildos, or simply take joy in seeing your butt stretched open.

Peach with text it's all about the butt


Inflatable plugs are one of the most flexible options. Most are similar to regular plugs, but have a tube coming out of the base leading to a hand pump. After insertion, you can pump up the plug to increase its size and experience a greater feeling of fullness. These are ideal if you don’t know what size you want.


These plugs take a completely different design to any other, with a body made up of 2-4 “petals”. Pushing the petals together creates the traditional teardrop shape for insertion. Once it’s inside, they open up again, providing extra stimulation to your anal nerves without needing to fit a very large plug inside.

Animal Play Tails

Tail plugs are just like normal plugs, but with a tail attached to the base. These are modeled after different animals including cats, foxes, wolves, horses, dogs and more, and are an ideal toy if you’re interested in animal roleplay or petplay. They also look great when worn, so can be a fun addition to any collection.

Jeweled, Princess, And Cute Butt Plugs

Gorgeous jewels are set into the bases of these plugs, providing a touch of elegance to your anal play. Available in a huge range of colors and shapes, you can completely customize your anal play and find something that you’ll fall in love with.

Locking Chastity Plugs

For the more hardcore of you, locking butt plugs offer a way to explore dominance and submission during your anal play. Once inserted, these plugs can be locked in place making it impossible to take them out without permission from the keyholder.

Light Up LED Plugs

Add a touch of fun to your play with a Light Up Plug. These contain different colored LEDs in the base letting you put on a show while you wear your plug. You can even get LED tails that change color while you wear them.

Brown tail plug

Other Anal Toys For Every Type Of Pleasure

While plugs are a fantastic way to explore anal pleasure, they certainly aren’t the only way. There’s a whole host of different toys that each work in unique ways and provide different sensations when you use them.

Prostate Massagers

Men have an extra area of stimulation called the prostate gland that can be reached during anal. Getting to it can be difficult, so prostate massagers have a slight curve to allow you to stimulate this pleasure center more easily.

Anal Beads

A set of small balls held together on a wand or by a piece of string. Anal beads provide a different kind of stimulation by opening and closing your sphincters as you insert and remove them to provide some unique pleasure that no other toy can match.

Anal Dildos

Very similar to a regular dildo, but with one key difference. All good anal dildos will have a flared base to stop it going all the way into your butt and getting stuck. Suction cup dildos also work great for anal play.

Anal Vibrators

There are a huge range of anal vibrators to choose from, all in different sizes and shapes. Some are small and simple like butt plugs. Others are large and long like dildos. You can also make use of toys like bullet vibrators to stimulate the outside of your butt, as long as you don’t insert them fully.

Anal Hooks

A toy that goes hand in hand with bondage. Anal hooks have an insertable end with a small ball at the tip to provide stimulation, and a ring at the other end to tie your ropes to. You can explore different kinds of bondage with these toys, or just add them to your existing scenes for extra sensations.

Anal Training Kits

Not one toy, but a whole set! An anal training kit usually contains 3-5 different toys, either in different shapes or different sizes. These allow you to explore the different kinds of anal stimulation and gradually move up to larger or more intense toys whenever you feel ready, all with a single purchase.

Purple anal training kit

Silicone Anal Toys

Nearly every kind of anal toy we’ve discussed is available in silicone. This soft, smooth material is the most common you’ll find for sex toys. It’s slightly flexible, so insertion is easy, and some are designed to feel almost like real skin for the most authentic experience.

Metal Anal Toys

Metal anal toys are made with stainless steel. That doesn’t mean they’re all silver though! You can get metal toys in a variety of colors. These toys are generally the heaviest on offer, and the inflexible nature of metal means they can provide much firmer stimulation while inserted.

Glass Anal Toys

Glass anal toys are made with pyrex which makes them safe and shatter resistant. With the same firmness as metal but without the extra weight, glass toys form a good middle ground between the other two materials. Plus, they look fantastic!

Don’t Miss Out On Anal Orgasms

Don’t be fooled into thinking anal stimulation just involves anal sex. There’s so many different toys and sensations to explore, and Loveplugs is the right place to find everything you need to take your anal play to the next level.

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