Can You Masturbate With Anal Toys?

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Just like penetrative sex, you might find yourself masturbating the same way over and over again. It doesn’t have to be that way though! If you open yourself up to some anal masturbation, there’s a whole new world of possibilities out there just waiting to be explored.

Anal Masturbation Basics

If you want to get started straight away without buying any special equipment, then anal masturbation can be done with just your own body. For this we need hands, or mouths.

Anal fingering is probably the most basic form of anal masturbation. It’s not only simple and quick, but a great way to get warmed up for some of the more advanced style of anal masturbation. You can use as many fingers as you are comfortable with, so you can work up to larger sizes as time goes on. The flexibility of a finger is also great for exploring the entire area and seeing which parts you like stimulating the best. In and out motions can give you an idea of what anal sex feels like, or you can try stroking, circles, pressure, literally whatever you can think of.

Unless you’re a contortionist, anal oral, or analingus, will need a partner. It’s exactly the same basic principle as a vagina or penis, you simply need to explore and stimulate the area with your tongue and see what you like. I know the idea of licking someone’s butt might not be the sexiest thing you’ve ever heard, but if everything is clean it can actually be quite intimate, and feel great.

Anal Masturbation Aids. Not that kind…

Sex toys are as wild and varied as the people who use them. Even with the still slightly taboo area of anal, there are a huge range of different toys to let you feel exactly what you want to. The best for masturbation include:

  • Butt plugs: Almost the gold standard of anal toys, butt plugs can be great for beginners and experts alike. These aren’t really ideal for in and out play, but simply holding them in can feel great. You can accompany your butt plugs with some penile or vaginal masturbation to really get yourself going. Turn up the heat with a fox or cat tail plug for extra stimulation!

  • Anal Beads: Similar to butt plugs in design, but with the opposite purpose in mind. The best use of anal beads is in the insertion and removal. Inside the anus are two rings of muscles called sphincters. These open up to let the beads in, and then pop back shut between each bead.
  • Prostate massagers: These are almost identical to butt plugs, except for a slight curve along the body. The curve lets it perfectly hit the sensitive male prostate gland. Prostate orgasms can be unlike anything else a man might experience, so these are a favourite for solo masturbation sessions.

Whether you decide to use one of these toys or just stick with your hands, there’s another thing you’re going to need…


No article about anal activity will ever be complete without mentioning lubrication. No matter how you decide to go about it (even if you aren’t penetrating) lube is going to make it better. The best lubes for anal sex tend to be oil based, as these work for extended periods of time before drying out. They are also safe with all kinds of sex toys, and will always be good unless you’re using a condom.

You need to use plenty of lube before going inside your anus in any way. If you think you’ve got enough, you probably haven’t, so really go to town. Even if you’re only stimulating your anus or perineum without actually inserting anything, a bit of lube can still help the skin not to become too irritated.

Risks During Anal Masturbation

While going solo with some butt play can be a great thing to do in your downtime, it’s not without its own dangers. Failing to lubricate effectively can make it very painful to put anything inside, and in the worst cases can even lead to some bleeding or anal tearing. This tearing or damage then makes the anal canal much more susceptible to infections and diseases, so if this happens to you, you should give your butt some good time to recover.

The bacteria found in the butt, while not harmful to the butt, isn’t great for the rest of the body. You should always make sure you clean down your toys thoroughly after anal use, and if possible, have separate toys just for anal. Never insert something into the vagina straight after taking it out of the butt.

STIs and STDs are also much easier to transmit anally than vaginally. While solo masturbation obviously isn’t going to let infections pass to others, any that are still alive on the toy (yeah, that can happen) can still pass into your body. Make sure everything is totally clean, and if you do suffer from any yourself, it’s always best to put condoms over your toys.

Anal masturbation can be a great place to start if you’re interested in anal sex. Going solo lets you have the time you need to find the areas you enjoy being stimulated, and test your own limits for anal activity without having to worry about another person going too far. Even if you are comfortable with anal sex, there’s always more toys and positions to try out, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Pick up some anal toys today, and get masturbating!

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