Homemade Butt Plug - How to Make Your Own

You've been reading some of the articles on the site and it's got you rearing to go. One problem though, you've just ordered a plug, but you've got to wait for it to be delivered. There must be something around here that can get you off?

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Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Let's face it - anal sex is no longer the forbidden fruit it once was. According to recent statistics in the USA, a significant number of people have experimented with anal play, seeking new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy. As revealed by Future Method, around 72% of American adults have dabbled in anal sex. While the practice is gaining popularity, there remains an intriguing aspect to explore - the sensations of enjoyment and discomfort that come with it.

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Loveplugs Catwalk Show 2019

Good evening one and all! Welcome to the Loveplugs Catwalk 2019! I hope you're all as excited to be here as I am!
Tonight, we have the delight of seeing some of the newest, flashiest, and most daring looks from the world of butt plugs!
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Loveplugs Royale: The Best Butt Plugs of the Year

Welcome to the annual Loveplugs Royale, where the two challengers go head to head to decide who has the best butt plugs! In the red corner, weighing in at 172lbs, Phil!

Crowd Cheers

In the blue corner, weighing in at 147lbs, Lucy!

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Getting Started With Anal Play

“I’d never put something in there!” “Won’t it hurt too much?” “Eww, gross, that’s where poo comes from.” “But I’m not gay!”

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