Best Butt Plugs 2020 - The Loveplugs Royale

Announcer: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the biggest event of the year. The Loveplugs Royale!

The Crowd Cheers

Announcer: This year we’re changing things up, and pitting the four best plugs against each other in a head to head battle. At the end of the night, only one will remain to be crowned the best butt plug of 2020!

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Loveplugs COVID-19 Relief

Loveplugs has been joining the global effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more about our efforts in this blog post.

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Fly Your Flag For LGBT Pride!

Most people by now are familiar with the rainbow flag commonly flown during many pride events and parades. It’s become a symbol of hope for a community often the victim of discrimination and misunderstanding.

But why?

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Temperature Play - Chill Out This Summer With Your Favourite Butt Plugs!

Feel the chill or turn up the heat by exploring temperature play! This unique kink can introduce you to a whole new range of sexual sensations, and can even incorporate your favourite sex toys!

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Restore Your Sexual Energy With the Perfect Plug!

Our lives are all influenced by many factors, and how we feel and act can vary greatly depending on our feelings and spiritual health. To maintain this balance, people the world over have turned to the stars for guidance for thousands of years. We are of course talking of the Zodiac!

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