Making the Most of Anal Toys

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With so many anal toys to try it can be easy to just settle into a routine with the things you know you enjoy. Enhancing your play doesn’t need to be a big deal though, so we’ve put together ten simple tips to help you get the most out of your anal toys.

#1 Don’t Stick to the Same Toys – Try Anal Beads, Anal Hooks, or Expanding Butt Plugs

The simplest way to get more from your toys is to simply try more of them! While the standard stimulation you get from a butt plug or anal dildo might feel great, who knows what you might enjoy even more.

Anal beads are a great way to explore a different kind of stimulation, as they open and close your sphincter and feel totally different. Anal hooks can be combined with bondage, collars or harnesses to provide a more restrictive kind of anal stimulation. Expanding plugs are similar to regular plugs, but open up inside your body to press on different areas of your butt.

There’s plenty of other toys to try, but if you’re looking for something a little different these ones are a great place to start!

#2 Give Yourself More Options With An Anal Training Kit

If deciding on which toy to try is an issue, then you can’t go wrong with an anal training kit. While some of these just feature the same toy in different sizes, there are many that include 3-4 different kinds of toy. This lets you try a variety of kinds of anal stimulation, all with a single purchase!

Having a few options can really help you enjoy your anal play more. Some nights you might not be in the mood for a butt plug, but beads can hit the right spot. Sometimes you’ll want to try more than one in a single session. If you just buy one toy, then you’ll probably be left unsatisfied on these kinds of nights.

Anal training plugs next to a donut

#3 Take Away Your Worries By Using An Anal Douche

One of the biggest worries people have about anal play is poop. Nothing can be less sexy than an unexpected arrival at an unfortunate time. While it’s quite a rare occurrence, it can happen, so anything that can alleviate that stress is going to help you enjoy yourself more.

To alleviate these fears, you can use an anal douche or enema kit before your session. These simple kits pump water into your butt to help flush out any poop that may be lurking, leaving you fresh and ready for penetration.

Douching and enemas are totally optional, so don’t feel like you have to do it! If it’s going to make you feel more comfortable with anal play though, it can definitely be worth the extra step.

#4 Increase the Sensations With a Weighted Butt Plug

The feeling of fullness is one of the biggest appeals of using a butt plug, but often this involves using larger and larger toys as you become used to the sensations. Weighted plugs offer an alternative that doesn’t involve stretching your butt.

Typically to enjoy more weight from your butt plugs you’ll need to use a metal one. Some people dislike this because they can feel cold, or they just prefer the feel of silicone. A weighted plug instead adds a small weight (usually a ball) inside a silicone plug to make it feel heavier.

Another benefit to this approach is that the ball can move around inside the plug. This means that as you move the weight will shift and press on different parts of your butt, providing similar stimulation to a large heavy plug without needing to squeeze it into your butt.

Woman holding small butt plug

#5 Add Stimulation With Anal Vibrators or a Butt Plug with Tail

Just because you’re trying anal play, that doesn’t have to be the only thing you focus on! Enjoying the other kinds of stimulation that your toys offer can not only enhance the experience, but also distract you from some of the worries you might have about putting things in your butt.

Anal vibrators can provide stimulation from the moment you turn them on just by touching different parts of your body. Any sensitive area will send small tingles through your body, but you can also gently stroke your butt and anus with it before you even start penetrative play. When the time comes, the toy should have turned you on enough to make it quick and easy.

In a similar way, the tails on a tail butt plug can be used to stroke and caress the different parts of your body both before and after insertion.

#6 Look the Part With Glass Butt Plugs and Jeweled Butt Plugs

In a similar way, the way the toy looks (before you put it in and while you wear it) can have a big effect on how much you enjoy it. A plain black plug in the simple teardrop shape might not get you too excited about anal play, but an interesting, colorful one probably will.

Glass butt plugs (and glass dildos) are one of the most exciting kinds of anal toy. Even the basic ones are transparent, meaning you can actually see your butt getting pushed open which is quite a turn on for some people. More elaborate glass toys have interesting shapes and colors, which can make you much more excited to try them out.

Jeweled and Princess plugs take a different approach, looking great once you’ve started using them. The process of putting something up your butt might not be your favorite, but if the toy looks amazing once it’s inside then it can be easier to push through and get to the good part.

Pink glass butt plug

#7 Make it Sexy!

We’ve touched on this a bit already, but using your anal toys should be something exciting. Try not to turn it into a clinical procedure of following the same step by step process each time. Make it interesting!

One of the biggest reasons people avoid anal play is struggling to get anything into their butt (even just a finger). When you’re intently focused on getting a toy inside, you’re going to be tense, which can make it even harder to get the toy in!

Being turned on also makes a massive difference. Just like regular sex, if you’re not in the mood you’re not going to enjoy it no matter how much you force it. So spend some time on foreplay (even solo). Get yourself in the mood. Don’t jump straight to putting in a toy.

#8 It Doesn’t Need to be A Huge Anal Toy

Even if you’ve already started using anal toys, it’s not always plain sailing. A lot of people fall into the trap of trying to go larger and larger as soon as possible, sometimes having a painful experience and putting themselves off anal entirely.

The reality is, any anal toy can provide plenty of pleasure! Sometimes just changing the way you use it, or trying a different material can be much more enjoyable than going larger. Don’t feel like you have to go bigger if you’re already enjoying yourself.

Womans butt

#9 Keep it Clean and Don’t Double Dip

It should go without saying that your butt has a lot of bacteria inside. When you use an anal toy this bacteria will build up on the surface of the toy, ready to be transmitted to any other surface they touch. This makes hygiene a top priority.

Luckily most anal toys are very easy to keep clean. Make sure you’re choosing one that’s made with a material that’s non-porous (silicone, metal or glass), and simply wipe it down with warm soapy water when you’re finished using it. Ideally let the toy air dry too to prevent mold build up during storage.

Another important thing to remember is which toys you’ve put in which holes! You definitely don’t want to double dip, so make sure any anal toys stay in your butt and only in your butt. If you do want to use the same toy in your vagina you need to make sure it’s completely cleaned before hand.

#10 Lubrication is Key

Another simple tip that we’ll repeat over and over again is lube, lube lube! The anus doesn’t produce any lubrication of it’s own, so going in dry is going to hurt. Make sure you apply plenty of lubricant to both the toy, and your butt (and no, spit doesn’t count).

Most of the time you can use whichever lube you prefer, but if you have a silicone toy you’ll need to avoid silicone based lube. Using two silicone products together can cause them to react with each other and damage the toy.

Improve Your Anal Play Now

There’s always plenty of pleasure to be enjoyed from anal play, so take advantage of our simple tips, and our extensive range of toys and enjoy yourself today!

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