Prostate Massagers: The Secret to Male Anal Pleasure

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Man in bed with prostate massager

Many men love to try anal sex, but a lot less are willing to put things in their own butts. But what if we told you that men are biologically built to enjoy anal even more than women?

This potentially shocking fact is due to the prostate, a small gland found in a man’s pelvic region. Normally the gland controls what comes out of a man’s penis, closing off the tubes to the bladder when he ejaculates and vice versa. But stimulating this gland can also provide incredible amounts of pleasure for a man.

We’ve got plenty of other pages with info on the prostate gland if you want to learn more. But this time we’re focusing on prostate massagers, a toy specifically designed to stimulate this gland.

What is a Prostate Massager?

A distant cousin to the butt plug, the prostate massager is a relatively simple toy. Most follow the same basic design and look roughly L shaped. The longer arm is inserted into your butt, and features a slight curve to better reach the gland. The shorter arm sits outside the body, resting on the perineum and preventing the toy from being fully sucked into the butt.

The Anatomy of a Male Prostate Massager

Even though they’re simple, it’s still worth understanding what each part of a prostate massager does. In most models the parts you’re going to want to pay attention to are the tip, the stem, the perineum stimulator and the base.

The very tip of the device is the part that makes direct contact with your prostate gland. You can find a variety of designs to provide different levels of stimulation. Simple toys will have a slightly pointed tip, or a small ball or bead. Others will have ridged areas that touch the gland and intensify the sensations. Some even look like the tip of the penis, giving you the feel of real anal penetration.

Moving down the device is the stem, and this part will have a large impact on how it feels to use your massager. For inexperienced users, a simple stem will be best. These are usually the same width the whole way up, meaning that once the tip is inside your butt won’t need to open up any more. Other versions may include ridges or balls that give your sphincters a little more stimulation as you insert the toy.

Collection of prostate massagers

Below the stem is the base, and this part of the device usually has the most variation. If you choose a vibrating model, this is where you might find the buttons to control the device (if it doesn’t have a remote). Those that come with a bullet vibrator will have a hollow base, allowing you to insert the vibrator when you want to use it. Simpler models might have a pull ring to help you get the toy out, while others just have a smooth curve.

Choosing the Right Prostate Toy

If you’re interested in trying out a prostate stimulator, then there’s a few simple decisions to make when browsing.

First, think about the material. Usually you’ll have the choice between metal or silicone, but sometimes you’ll find some made with other materials. Metal massagers are usually stainless steel, and are much firmer which lets you apply more pressure to the gland. Silicone massagers are softer and usually a little flexible, so finding the right spot can be easier.

Another important consideration is the length. While every man’s prostate is in roughly the same place, every body is different so for some men some toys won’t work as well. The way to deal with this is by finding the prostate massager that’s the right length for your body. If your prostate is deeper, you’ll need a longer massager. If your prostate is nearer the entrance to your butt, then you’ll want a shorter version. You can use your finger to try and figure out roughly where your gland is, then use that information to choose a toy that should be roughly the right length.

Finally, you’ll want to think about the different parts of the massager we discussed earlier. If you’re less experienced you might want to stick to a smoother, more cylinder shaped toy. If you want more stimulation, then a beaded stimulator, or one with ridges on the base to stimulate the perineum will be a good pick. If you’re looking for intense pleasure, then you can try vibration.

If you do choose a vibrating massager, then it’s usually a lot easier with a remote control. Having to reach the bottom of the toy to turn it on and off/change the intensity can be difficult while it’s inside your body, so a remote makes everything much simpler.

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