Seven Vibrating Anal Toys That Will Leave You Buzzing

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Anal toys can add a lot of fun to your anal play, but sometimes just using a toy isn’t enough. If you’re left wanting more, then why not try an anal vibrator?

There’s plenty of choice, with nearly every popular type of toy having a vibrating version. Whether you love butt plugs, or prefer to avoid penetration, there’s an anal toy that will leave you buzzing.

Types of Anal Vibrator

When you’re choosing the anal vibrator you want to try, the first decision will be which kind of toy you’re looking for. We’ll go over these below, but regardless of your decision a few things will be the same.

Most anal vibrators will have multiple speeds, patterns, and intensities (although some can just be turned on and off and only have a single mode). If variety is something you enjoy in the bedroom, then you’ll want to choose a toy with plenty of different modes to experiment with.

You’ll also need to choose whether or not you want a remote controlled toy. These can be easier for anal play solo, as reaching around to press buttons can be difficult depending on how flexible you are. If you opt for a toy without a remote, then the buttons will usually be on the base of the toy, and while you wear them will be roughly where your anus is.

Finally you’ll need to choose between rechargeable toys (usually by usb wire), or battery powered toys. Both are as good as each other, so it’s entirely down to personal preference.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

As the quintessential anal toy, it’s only natural that you can find vibrating versions of butt plugs. These are almost identical to regular plugs, so all the same options you’d normally think about will also apply to a vibrating butt plug. Key considerations include the size, material, and any additional features like jewels or tails.

Vibrating Anal Dildos

A vibrating anal dildo is the perfect penetrative toy to add some additional stimulation to your anal play. Just like regular dildos, the options here are truly endless, with so many different designs, sizes and styles to choose from.

As with any other anal toy though, you need to always make sure that your vibrating dildo has some kind of base or handle so that it doesn’t get lost inside your butt.

Vibrating anal beads

Vibrating Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a small gland found inside the male body, and a prostate massager is the perfect tool to stimulate it. A lot of men struggle to enjoy themselves with a regular prostate massager though, as it tends to involve moving the toy back and forth to stroke the gland.

Vibrating massagers make this process much easier, as the gentle buzzing takes care of all the stimulation for you. When choosing one of these toys, we recommend models with multiple modes as the prostate is a very sensitive gland and some people find intense vibrations too overwhelming to enjoy.

Vibrating Anal Beads

A set of vibrating anal beads are the first toy on our list that might look a little different from their non vibrating cousins. While most sets of beads simply have a pull ring on the bottom, the vibrating versions need somewhere to put the motors and batteries, so tend to have a handle at the bottom instead.

Otherwise, they’re the same simple toys you’re used to, and can be enjoyed by slowly inserting each bead, then slowly pulling them back out. The added vibrations make each “pop” feel even more intense, and provides an anal experience you can’t replicate with any other toy.

Bullet Vibrators

You might be surprised to see bullet vibrators on our list. After all, they’re very small and if you tried to put one inside your butt it wouldn’t get very far. Or worse, get lost inside.

But just because we’re talking about anal toys, that doesn’t mean they have to involve penetration! Bullet vibrators can be a fantastic toy to add to your anal foreplay. Use it to gently stimulate the area around the anus, the outside of the sphincters, or even other parts of the body while you insert your other anal toys.

Just remember to never insert a bullet vibrator into your butt!

Tongue Vibrators

A rather unique entry to our list, a tongue vibrator (sometimes called a licking vibrator) is a toy that has become more and more popular in recent years. These usually use some kind of small tip to emulate the action of a tongue licking your body.

While actually licking your partners butt might be a little too much for a lot of people, the sensation of a tongue in your anus can be extremely pleasurable, so this kind of vibrator offers a great alternative.

Most also come with additional features as well, so can easily be used for anal stimulation in other ways.

Collection of anal vibrators

Thrusting Anal Vibrator

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter which toy you try, it just doesn’t compare to the real thing! If penetration is the thing you enjoy the most, there’s still anal vibrators that can provide what you’re looking for.

A thrusting anal vibrator is the ideal toy for this kind of play. These are similar to an anal dildo in design, but the shaft of the vibrator has the ability to move backwards and forwards to emulate the motion of a penis during penetrative anal sex.

For some these toys are the best anal pleasure has to offer, combining penetration, the feeling of fullness, and the additional stimulation of vibration all in one package.

Find Your Next Anal Vibrator Now

With so many choices available, everyone can find the perfect anal vibrator for them. Browse the Loveplugs range now and take your anal play to the next level.

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