15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug

15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug

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The 15" - 16" Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug will be your behind’s best friend. It has the perfect plug made of squeezable rubber, one of the safest materials out there because of its flexibility. It is also easy to clean and disinfect.

The length of the plug is 8 cm and has a width of 3.4 cm, the perfect size to fill in the tightest bum! Just use a water-soluble lube and feel it easily squeeze inside the tush because of its very supple property. Although small, this tail plug will surely fulfill your anal dreams because it easily picks up the body’s basal temperature and therefore will make it more comfortable for you to play around. This plug will stimulate the most sensitive part of the anal canal and makes for a great warm-up device as well as a love toy to achieve that backdoor fun.

The tail is made of faux fur and will be ideal for that kinky role-playing you have always enjoyed. The handle functions as a stopper that will safely place the plug in position when the sex is getting intense.

If you are a woman and thinking about how you can possibly enjoy this device, well you are in for a surprise! This plug is a perfect toy for vaginal intercourse, too. Just slide this bad boy into your bum and ask your man to take his love handle inside your vagina, and you will feel the magic happen.

This plug will massage the G-spot for you as well as tighten the vaginal walls, therefore, making each thrust of the penis more powerful. The result is pure bliss and maximum satisfaction, guaranteed!

So don’t fret and take a dive into the world of anal fantasies, starting with this love plug now!



Handle: Brown

Plug: Black

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Rubber



Handle: 36- 40 cm (14.17 in-15.75 in)

Plug: 8 cm (3.15 in)


Handle: N/A

Plug: 2.8 cm or 3.4 cm

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